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Seven Mile Beach-Grand Cayman

Sometimes I wish I could capture just how spectacular Seven Mile Beach is for a wedding. Here is my Dad, Vernon Jackson OBE, JP in action.Simplicity is the key... just you, your wedding celebrant, and the powdery white sand, and azure sea...

Why not a Cruise Wedding?

Grand Cayman is a favourite port-of-call for many cruise ships, and while visiting for the day many tourists plan a wedding or a vow renewal. Fortunately, our Marriage Law does not require a residency period. Once you land, you can be married that same day, all you need is a Special Marriage ...

All about us

Exotic but accessible, Grand Cayman is emerging as a first-class, affordable destination wedding location, and Cayman Weddings will ensure that your wedding day is all you ever thought it would be. In business for 25 years, this family business has performed over 6500 wedding ...

The Encore Bride

Today I did a wedding for an “encore” bride who is 23 years old. That was a bit unusual, most of my brides who are getting remarried are quite a bit older, maybe in their 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, although I once did a wedding for a bride who was 82 years old, and marrying her ...

The Role of Children in Your Wedding Ceremony

As a mother and grandmother, I must admit I like to do wedding ceremonies which include blended families, and I try to write the children into the ceremony whenever I can. This little boy was the ring-bearer at a wedding earlier this year, and carried the rings in this conch shell I provided. ...
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