So you want a Cayman Wedding Blessing, and not a Cayman Wedding ?

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I have been meaning to write about wedding blessings for some time, and now I will. Wedding blessings are becoming very popular, and I need to give you some guidance. Sometimes for whatever reason, a couple will wish to have their legal marriage ceremony performed in their own country. Where and how, will vary but you can choose to be married by a Notary Public, a Justice of the Peace, a Judge, an individual who is licensed by your state or country to perform a legal wedding and sign your marriage license.

Now, if you happen to be going on a cruise, or going on holiday and you want something which is more meaningful to you, on a beach, under a palm tree, as long as you haven't been married for more than 2 years I will officiate your Cayman Wedding Blessing. If you have been married for more than two years, then I suggest you do a Cayman Wedding Vow Renewal.

I am a licensed Civil Registrar of Marriages, and I perform civil, contemporary wedding ceremonies. If you want a religious ceremony you can select that as well from our collection of different types of ceremonies.

So you want a Cayman Wedding Blessing, and not a Cayman Wedding?

Before you begin planning your Cayman Wedding Blessing you must either send me a scanned copy of your legal Marriage, or let me know the date of y0ur proposed marriage.  I need this for your Wedding Blessing Certificate, but more to the point, I only do a wedding blessing if you are already legally married.

If you are coming on a cruise, as just a couple the most affordable wedding blessing package is our all-inclusive package which costs $1125.

This package includes:

  • transportation for up to 4 people,  (6 if two are children 17 and under) from the cruise landing to our office, then to the ceremony site, and back to the cruise landing
  • dressing in our brand-new  Bride's Room (separate dressing area for the Groom)
  • bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere
  • one hour of professional photography, youn own the images which are edited and mailed to you
  • a personalised wedding script
  • a decorative wedding blessing certificate to mark the event
  • one bottle of chilled champagne for toasting served on the beach (complimentary non-alcoholic cider for children)

Want the "n0-frills" version with just a lovely ceremony on the beach, a decorative certificate and a bottle of chilled champagne?  This costs $400 and you can bring your own camera, or even your own video camera.  You can even bring your own silk flowers.

All our packages require a deposit of  $250 to be paid to hold your date and time.  All credit cards except  AmEx accepted.  Since no marriage license is required we have a  refund policy in place for wedding blessings and wedding vow renewals. Contact us today to add an unforgettable memory to your next vacation in Grand Cayman.