Building our Cayman Wedding community

Building our Cayman Wedding community


Joy Basdeo

On October 7th, 2010

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend Judith Gates, at one of my favourite restaurants Michael's Genuine Food & Drink at Camana Bay.  Our friendship goes back a long way, and we have done many projects together in another life.

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Sometimes I volunteer my friends as professional witnesses

When I talk to my friend, who doesn't live in Cayman, and who I only see a couple of times a year, I realise  how fast the whole social media world is moving, and what an exciting time this is to have the time and the inclination to put your business out there on the world -wide web. I spend quite a bit of time with my three grand-children and I always think in particular, how I can be a resource for them growing up in a Web 2.0 and 3.0 world.  Of course I am in the fastest growing segment of web users, women who are 55+ Because I have been involved in public life for over 30 years my mission and purpose on the web extends beyond my business Simply Weddings, to the larger destination wedding industry in the Cayman Islands, and indeed to promoting the Cayman Islands as a safe and beautiful place to visit, and to live.
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South Sound, Grand Cayman

This week I am a participant in the Facebook Success Summit 2010,  the event manager is Brian Solis, of  Social  Media Examiner and author of a great book called 'Engage!'   I have just finished looking at a recorded session with Mari Smith, dubbed the "Pied Piper of Facebook".  I am so excited about the opportunity to learn how to use Facebook as a resource to promote my business, and weddings in Cayman on a whole. You can go straight to my Facebook pages and Make sure to "like" my pages because I am going to creating some exciting content using all the things I'm learning at the FBSS10.   And of course, my pages are the source for real, live Cayman weddings coming to you as they happen, which you can share with your friends, family and groups. Next big thing on my wedding agenda is using video, so look for video and video spots coming your way in acouple of weeks. My grown children have given me a new nick-name, so
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Here's to Facebook, and the other social media which is changing how we relate to friends, family and clients, and the wider community on the internet. Cheers from Joy (AKA "Techno-Mummy")