Cayman Wedding ...The Kiss!

Cayman Wedding ...The Kiss!


Joy Basdeo

On March 4th, 2008
Cayman Wedding ...The Kiss! - image 1 Your wedding ceremony is structured like this:

The Welcome
Words about marriage, what it means
Any objections...? (required by law)
The Question you take etc.? (required by law)
The Vows
A reading
The Ring Exchange
The Charge
The Blessing (can be non-religious)
The Pronouncement
THE KISS! (I like to say to the Groom, 'You may kiss your wife"
Signing of the Register
The Introduction of the new couple

Cayman Wedding ...The Kiss! - image 2I like to give my couples a copy of their wedding script for a souvenir. You can choose from a
variety of sample ceremonies.

Cayman Wedding ...The Kiss! - image 3 Once you have booked your wedding I can send you a script, and then you can personalise it to
suit yourself and your partner.

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Every wedding is different! Every wedding is special. I want to give you my full attention, which means that I only book a limited number of weddings per day. It is important to book your wedding early, especially for cruise, and sunset weddings to make sure you get the date, and time you want. I do a very limited number of Sunday weddings.

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