Cruise Wedding in Grand Cayman - How it works

Cruise Wedding in Grand Cayman - How it works


Joy Basdeo

On September 3rd, 2008
Cruise Wedding in Grand Cayman - How it works - image 1The northern tip of Seven Mile Beach, this quiet spot is called Bus-Stop 29

I officiate and plan Cruise Weddings every week. It occurred to me that some couples might like to know step-by-step how this works.

If you take a northern Caribbean cruise, it is very likely you will stop at George Town, Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman is one of the few ports in the northern Caribbean which has no residency requirement, so you can get married while your cruise ship is in port.

Most cruise ships start off-loading passengers between 8am and 8:30 am. You are taken from the cruise-ship to the port terminal by "tenders", small boats which ply between the large cruise ship and the terminal. If you have arranged to have your marriage performed, you need to get off and meet with your marriage officer ie me, as soon as possible. Tell your ship's steward you are getting married, and you would like him to arrange for you to get off on the first tender.

Once you have booked your wedding, and paid your $200 booking fee/deposit, I will send you precise instructions about meeting me. Hopefully I will have requested from you, and received some of your documents. When we meet you will sign the application for a Special Marriage License. This can't be done until you are physically on the island. I will take your ship's cards to be photocopied, these are proof that you are on the island as a cruise-ship visitor. I will then go off to get your Special Marriage License, which will take no more than an hour.

You, on the other hand can walk around town and wait for me to meet up with you at a pre-arranged spot with the license. If you are having a package, or if you are having your hair done, or if you are travelling with a group I will have discussed the various options with you and you will have decided which option suits you best.

Cruise Wedding in Grand Cayman - How it works - image 2This picture is not retouched, this is how it looks. I like my couples to stand on the crest of the beach with the turqyuoise water as a back-drop.

If you are dressing, and doing hair and make-up for your wedding then I strongly recommend you do this at our spacious, bright and convenient offices in West Bay. Our office is located right across the street from some of the beautiful locations we use for weddings. We are located less than a mile from Hell, Grand Cayman and about two miles from the water attraction Boatswains Beach, Let us know if you wish to take in either of these attractions, so we can arrange it for after the ceremony. West Bay also has many good restaurant choices for lunch.

You can take a taxi or a mini-bus staight from the harbour to our office. We are located at the 4-way stop in West Bay, and everybody knows where this is. Our building is on the right, just before the 4-way stop, and as of today we are located on the 2nd Floor, Suite 205b.

There are many different services provided at Centennial Towers, including a bank and a pharmacy.

Most of our cruise weddings take place between 10:30 am and 11:00am. By 11:30am you are normally on your way back to the harbour, and you can enjoy our capital city for a few hours before you have to rejoin your ship. Ship's time and local time are not always the same, many times the ship's time is EST one hour ahead of Cayman time.

Cruise Wedding in Grand Cayman - How it works - image 3
To the left facing the water on the horizon you can see the cruise ships anchored off George Town.

Once I have seen you into a mini-bus or taxi (or sometimes I take you back myself) I will go to our public records office, or General Registry to file your marriage. I will put in a request for your Registered Marriage Certificate. This is the legal document you will need when you return home, to do things like get your married name on your Driver's License. The cost of the RMC is built in to your package since 2007. Each of my couples get an RMC mailed to them automatically.
Cruise Wedding in Grand Cayman - How it works - image 4This is the very basic set-up, table with linens and decoration for signing, iced champagne. Ask about flowers, photos, video or wedding cake.

Call or email me to schedule your cruise wedding or wedding vow renewal in Grand Cayman today. I only schedule one cruise wedding per day, so that I can ensure you have an elegant, personalised experience. Phone Joy (345)5256551 or email .