Destination Cruise Weddings - Do's and Don'ts

Destination Cruise Weddings - Do's and Don'ts


Joy Basdeo

On February 15th, 2008
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DO pick a cruise stop where you can get married that same day while the ship is in port.

DO research what the legal requirements are for your chosen destination

DO work with a local planner or wedding celebrant who is experienced, and who can get the paperwork done quickly

DO tell your planner/celebrant if you are travelling with a group, or whether its just the two of you (and you need witnesses)

DO ask your planner/celebrant what back-up plans are in place for bad weather

DO make sure you can get a refund of your deposit if for any reason the wedding has to be cancelled

DO expect confirmation that your deposit has been received and your wedding booked

DO put someone else in charge of getting guests to and from the wedding site, you don’t need this hassle

DO ask about those special touches you REALLY want, like professional photos

DO make sure you travel with the documents you will need, passports, divorce decrees, spousal death certificates (if you forget one of these on board ship, your wedding celebrant should know what to do in an emergency like this)

DO pay attention to your ship’s departure time, the ship and the destination are not always on the same time.

DO tell all and sundry that it’s your wedding day, and expect to be treated specially both on and off the ship

DO know in advance how and when you’re getting back to the harbour.

DO stipulate what kind of ceremony you want e.g. non-denominational, contemporary, religious etc

DO make sure your Registered Marriage Certificate is part of your package, this is the legal document you will need when you get back home, proof that you are legally married.

DO arrange for chilled water, fruit juice or something to drink, especially if you’re going to be on the beach

DO give a tip or gratuity for exceptional service


DON’T believe you can walk-in and get married on the spur-of-the-moment

DON’T believe you can handle the paper-work yourself, you don’t have the time

DON’T try and do excursions, sightseeing etc. before your ceremony

DON’T try and have your hair done on board ship the day of your ceremony

DON’T allow your mother or mother-in-law to take over your wedding

DON’T get stressed out, the whole point of a destination cruise wedding is to relax and enjoy it

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