Favourite Spots (4) The Wedding Gazebo

Favourite Spots (4) The Wedding Gazebo


Joy Basdeo

On March 13th, 2008
Favourite Spots (4) The Wedding GazeboNot even two minutes away from the beach is our wedding gazebo, a popular spot for residents. Set in my parents garden, it is an ideal spot for the more formal small wedding. Since there is no charge for the facility, it is an attractive option for many of the two hundred or so local weddings we perform each year.

With twenty-five years experience to our credit, and three marriage officers on staff, we are the company of choice for residents performing several local weddings every week.

Residents must be married by Banns, in other words there are different rules if you live on the island, and as a resident, it costs less to be married. Visitors must be married by a Special Marriage license.

If you are resident, your Banns of Marriage must be posted by your Marriage Officer for eight clear days before you can be married. As a visitor, you can be married the same day you arrive on the island.

Residents can contact us at www.caymanweddings.com.ky