Give your Cayman Wedding Finery the dogs! And other "novel" ideas.

Give your Cayman Wedding Finery the dogs! And other "novel" ideas.


Joy Basdeo

On March 1st, 2008
Give your Cayman Wedding Finery the dogs! And other This is Rani, my grand-puppy eating her first Easter Egg in 2007. Rani wandered into our yard when she was about 3 months old, tired, beaten and traumatised. Now she is a wonderful, playful dog adored by her "parents" daughter and son-in-law, her "uncles", our grand-children and of course her "Gramma" and "Papa".

We have always had dogs from our local Humane Society, sometimes as many as three at a time, and at other times we have "visitors" to our "hotel" who check in long enough to be fed, taken to the vet and sometimes even have their puppies. One of these "visitors" Rocket, stayed for 15 years and has recently gone to doggie heaven leaving a big hole in our hearts, and a broken-hearted friend, Ubu.

In recent years there are many less abandoned pets, thanks to our wonderful and efficient Humane Society and the dozens of resident volunteers who help raise money for their care and feeding, walk them, bathe them and foster them on weekends.

Many of today's brides are very environmentally conscious, and as a wedding celebrant and planner I am too. Since I am on our beaches every day I am very appreciative of the government's beach-cleanup programme, and I make sure all debris from the celebration is properly disposed of. This is one reason I like to use bubbles instead of confetti, for example.

Since many of my couples are visitors, I like to encourage them to give something back to the islands. You can donate anything you don't want to carry back home, to different island charities. My favourite charity is the Cayman Islands Humane Society which does a fantastic job caring for the islands' abandoned dogs and cats. They do this through fund-raising events, but the backbone of this charity is their Thrift Shop, and used book-store the "Book-Loft" both located on North Sound Way, in George Town. The money raised goes to feed the animals and to operate a spay and neuter programme. You can also donate money, but the easiest way is to donate clothes, shoes etc to the Thrift Shop. There is a bin out front which you can use to drop off your donations.

Finished with your vacation reading? Don't leave those novels on the plane, or in the taxi or your hotel room...drop them off in the Book Loft's bin on your way to the airport! If you have some time, come and see us at the Book Loft, you are sure to get lots of reading for your trip home...or your stay in Cayman. There is an excellent section of children's books, board games and puzzles to keep the little ones occupied.

If you come in on Tuesdays you will find me there, probably having rushed back from a wedding. Of all the things I do in my busy life, this is one of the things I enjoy most, so be sure to say hi. You will recognise me from my colourful hats!