Married…With Children (in Grand Cayman)

Married…With Children (in Grand Cayman)


Joy Basdeo

On January 16th, 2011
This family came in on a cruise in early January.  They are from Albuquerque, NM and they wanted something private and rustic.  I thought that My Secret Cove fit the bill, and I was right.  Children love exploring the rocks and crannies there, and they can do a bit of climbing as long as they keep their shoes on.  This little spot also has rock lizards, the occassional iguana, a few roosters wander in from time to time, and of course the little red "love-bugs" which are completely harmless and which live on the "plop-nut" trees.
Married...With Children (in Grand Cayman) - image 1

Family group at My Secret Cove

When there are kids involved in the ceremony, I give them complimentary sparkling grape juice so they can be involved in the toating
Married...With Children (in Grand Cayman) - image 2

Cheers all around

The couple brought a Russia religious icon from the 1800's which had been given to them asd a wedding present, and they incorporated this into their ceremony.
Married...With Children (in Grand Cayman) - image 3

The very interesting Russian religious icon

Heather Holt was the photographer, and she took the couple oveer to Smith's Cove for some extra shots.  This is one of my favourite views of Smith's Cove.
Married...With Children (in Grand Cayman) - image 4

Smith's Cove rocks!

I liked this jump shot.  This was a lovely family, and we enjoyed giving them a great Grand Cayman experience.  If you have children in your wedding party, please let us know because I like to give the kids a small souvenir of their time on our island.
Married...With Children (in Grand Cayman) - image 5

Jump, jump for your love