Real People- Real Weddings (2)

Real People- Real Weddings (2)


Joy Basdeo

On April 2nd, 2008
In 2007 I performed 100 wedding ceremonies, most of them for visitors. I really appreciate it when couples take the time to let me know they enjoyed the whole experience. For one thing, a heartfelt testimonial is the best advertisement. Here is a quote from the couple below,

"I want to send you a note to say D and I are still in wedded bliss, almost one month after the beautiful beach wedding... The wedding was so absolutely perfect and represents a moment not to be forgotten. We've had several discussions since returning home about how meaningful it was to stand in the surf, to feel the warmth of the setting sun, and exchange our promises to one another. It was truly one of life's mountain top experiences. and captured at sea -level no from both of us, a very heart-felt thank you!"

Real People- Real Weddings (2) - image 1Here is another unusual shot from my favourite photographer, Cayman Girl! Thanks D and S for being such good sports. We both enjoyed working with you very much. Enjoy your fabulous pictures of your special day, and all good wishes for a life-time of happiness together.

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