Renewal Times Two ...and Unity Sand Ceremony

Renewal Times Two ...and Unity Sand Ceremony


Joy Basdeo

On April 25th, 2008
Yesterday I did a double vow renewal and Unity Sand Ceremony for two couples from Tulsa , Oklahoma. This was the first mother.daughter couples renewal I had done, and to include the Unity Sand Ceremony was very special.

Another feature was to include the younger couple's small daughters and make them feel a part of the ceremony.

Renewal Times Two ...and Unity Sand Ceremony - image 1My client had been working with me on this for months, and I knew how important the ceremony was to her, so I wanted to create a ceremony which was original and unique to this beautiful family group.

One of my first challenges was to create three separate ceremonies in one event. The older couple needed vows which reflected their life journey, but also honoured the very obvious, loving relationship which they have.

The young couple, surrounded by their family, needed a ceremony to mark a significant milestone, their 10th anniversary, which would be very romantic without being sappy.

Then there was the Unity Sand Ceremony, which everyone would take part in, to produce a beautiful and meaningful keepsake of the event.

Renewal Times Two ...and Unity Sand Ceremony - image 2Believe me, the Unity Sand Ceremony can go very wrong, and you can end up with a container of very ugly looking dirty sand (which nobody wants to take home). The key is always the sand. and the colours, which can be very challenging to find and work with.

For the foundation. poured by the older couple, I used neutral sand, and composed speaking parts for them which reflected the role of older parents and grandparents.

The next layer, poured by the younger couple used emerald green (wife) and royal blue (husband). I chose emerald green for the wife because green is a colour which resonates with life, fertility and the earth. I chose royal blue for the husband because it is a strong, protective, masculine colour which resonates with the sky and the sea. Their speaking parts reflected their roles as lovers, but also as parents,

The third layer was poured by the children, and was orange, a happy colour which I associate with children, and the sun, and which was appropriate as the ceremony was at sunset

Renewal Times Two ...and Unity Sand Ceremony - image 3
As a mother and grandmother, my goal is to create memories for my family in everything I say and do. In my work as a wedding celebrant and planner, I take much pride in helping my clients create special memories of their time on Grand Cayman, and the significant event they celebrated here.

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