Your Cayman Wedding Officiant's Advice on Choosing a Ring

Your Cayman Wedding Officiant's Advice on Choosing a Ring


Joy Basdeo

On October 31st, 2010
The marriage proposal is one hurdle for grooms to overcome, but the attendant purchase of the wedding ring or rings is an even bigger one.  As a wedding celebrant and planner I see gorgeous wedding rings every week.  Some stand out more than others.  It is obvious to me how much care and attention has been involved in the selection of  these rings.
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Rings on a starfish are a very popular photo

When I make a comment, as I sometimes do, on the uniqueness or beauty of the rings the couple usually beam with pride that someone has recognized the care and attention which went into the selection of their rings.  Generally the Groom will buy the engagement ring separately from the wedding bands, because the Bride and Groom’s wedding bands are co-ordinated. The wedding band is a constant reminder of your spouse and the commitment you have made.  Because of this you should buy your wedding bands a minimum of two months before the wedding, which will allow you sufficient time to get them sized, and engraved, if you are doing this. Younger couples these days are choosing simple wedding bands, and most shy away from yellow gold in favour of the more popular 18K white gold or platinum.  Other popular, and less expensive metals such as tungsten or titanium are also good choices.. The selection of a your wedding bands should be a reflection of the relationship between you as  a couple.  Many couples these days decide on non-traditional wedding bands, including unisex rings.  My favourite unisex ring is the ‘trinity’ ring from Cartier which is three interlocked bands in yellow, white and rose gold. Right now I am helping a couple source some very unusual rings, made from Caymanite, a multi-coloured  stone found only in the Cayman Islands. Quite often brides ask me what they should do with their engagement ring on the day of the wedding. Here are a few options for you to consider. a)      wear your engagement ring on your right hand, and then inconspicuously slip it on in front of your wedding band, before the signing of the Register. b)      Give it to your Maid of Honour, who then hands it back to you before she passes your wedding bouquet back, again before the signing of the Register. c)      Give it to whomever is holding the wedding bands, so that the Groom slips both rings on your finger at the same time. We all love to see children taking part in weddings.  If you are having a ring-bearer, I  would recommend you use a ring-bowl instead  of a pillow. ( Beautiful ring-bowls are available from Cayman Glass Blowing Studio, and you can colour coordinate it, or use white) Pillows can be very fiddly, and rings sometimes fall off.  Whatever you decide to use, make sure you tell the Best-man that it is his responsibility to look after the ring-bearer and to make sure the rings get put in the Marriage Officer’s hand at the correct time.
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Rings, starfish and Tropical Wedding Bouquet

Most Marriage Officers, including myself, will bless the rings or at least have something to say about their symbolism before inviting the Groom and then the Bride to place them on each other’s finger. When the Bride and Groom place the ring on the other’s finger it is customary that they say something.  These are the words I use most often with my Brides and Grooms. (Bride’s Name) “ I give you this ring, in token and pledge of my constant love and fidelity.”
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"as a symbol of my constant love..."

It is very common for beach weddings, that your rings appear to be tight.   This is because your fingers often swell a bit in the heat and humidity. Your wedding ring is a piece of jewelry which you will probably wear for a long time.  It is a tangible reminder of the love you share, and the commitment you intend to make.  My recommendation is that its purchase (whether you are both wearing bands or not) should be a joint decision.  Happy shopping!